Samsung M300 Tuesday, Jul 15 2008 

I’ve been getting tired of the old model Motorola which they gave for free with the Family package which I got 2 Sundays ago.  I am really unfamiliar with that model’s interface and found it excruciating to work with.

I went back to the shop where I got the phone and asked if I could do a trade in.  The clerk said yes and gave me a fair trade.

What happened next was even more cool.  He told me I could get $50 worth of credit for signing up with the plan they had, on top of the one I had gotten prior to that so I scored a total of $100 in free air time!! 

What a score!

This Samsung model is gorgeous and slim and has a 4x Digital Zoom camera too (which I’ve been needing) so it’s cool for carrying around and snapping pics of events and friends.


Bread Improver Friday, Jul 11 2008 

I used to be a baker 12 year ago, but in the hotel and commercial industries where speed is vital, bread improver was added to the flour mixture. However I quickly realised after dipping my finger in the dry fomate, that I was allergic to it. My finger started to sting. Sadly I did not heed my finger’s discomfort and worked with it a whole year to my health’s danger. It took a whole year and a half to heal up.

Today I met a bake supplier who said there are other types of bread improvers so I will try this alternative and see what happens.

What is bread improver?

  • Is a chemical or enzyme, which when added to the bread mix significantly shortens the process to minutes instead of hours.
  • Helps produce gas, and to retain the gas inside the bread. This is done by including enzymes (such as amylase and protease) to act on the yeast and gluten.

While the ingredients of improvers can vary largely depending on their use and the manufacturer, there are a few important ingredients found in all improvers:

  • Ascorbic acid – used to strengthen the gluten
  • Hydrochloride – gluten softening and clearing
  • Sodium metabisulfate – gluten softening and clearing
  • Ammonium chloride – food for yeast
  • Phosphates – food for yeast
  • Amylase – enzyme used to break down starch into simple sugars, thereby letting yeast ferment quickly
  • Protease – enzyme used to strengthen the gluten

Article extracted in part from wikipedia.

Michelle D’Alliard of Artistry Wednesday, Jul 9 2008 

Michelle D’Alliard, spokesperson for Amway’s Artistry was in Penang to promote the new range of skincare Pure White.

Athletes with Disabilities Tuesday, Jul 8 2008 

Work will soon commence on the Athletes with Disabilities project.
The upcoming site will be:

Motorola C115 Sunday, Jul 6 2008 

I went to the mall to buy a phone as people have been wanting to order stuff from me and I have been unreachable.  Instead of sticking with the PrePaid I decided to go for the PostPaid, Family Plan. 

I got a free Motorola C115 phone with that order, and 50 bucks of free credit for calls and SMS.  Not too bad.

The phone itself wasn’t too good to the touch.  I’ve seen some snazzy Motorola but this particular model was rather disappointing. 

I’ll have to see if I can get it traded in for a better model.